Leg Veins

Do you have unsightly veins in your legs that you want to get rid of? Varicose veins affect about 30% of women and 10% of men. These spider veins become more common with age, affecting up to 80% of some age groups.

Dr. Rodriguez can help. At our office, we offer a variety of treatment options to rid your legs of unwanted veins and get you ready for the summer season in no time at all. Treatments include VeinGogh, Tumescent Enhanced Sclerotherapy and Tumescent Enhanced Laser Leg Vein Removal. Read on to find out more about each of these therapies and then schedule a consultation with Dr. Rodriguez to determine which is right for you!

Tumescent Injection

One popular option for treatment of varicose veins is Tumescent Enhanced Sclerotherapy (TES). TES is a newly developed and clinically tested office procedure that takes traditional sclerotherapy a step further by applying a tumescent (tightening) anesthetic solution during the procedure. READ MORE…


VeinGogh is one of the latest technologies used to rid legs of unwanted spider veins, skin conditions and more. It is fast, easy and has less discomfort when compared to older therapies. READ MORE…

Tumescent Enhanced Laser

Another option for the removal of varicose veins is Tumescent Enhanced Laser Leg Vein Removal. With this technique, a powerful laser light passes through the skin and is selectively absorbed by the blood within the spider veins. This damages the vessel with heat causing it to collapse and get rid of the spider vein for good.

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