Ultrasonic Peel

Do you want to take years off the look of your skin? An ultrasonic peel may be right for you. This non-abrasive peel, often referred to as ’Sonic Peel for short, helps take years off aging skin by fighting the effects of time, sun damage, and environmental agents. This is the only mechanical peel that we recommend for people with excessive redness or rosacea.

This high tech peel uses gentle, yet highly effective, ultrasonic vibration to literally shake layer after layer of old dead surface skin off your face. This technology is used to remove hard adherent plaque off the teeth by the popular Sonicare toothbrush. If it can remove tough plaque from teeth, imagine how effective it could be to remove dead skin! To further enhance its effectiveness, Dr. Rodriguez’ Ultrasonic Peel uses a special enzyme to begin to loosen the dead skin even before the ultrasonic paddle whisks it away. With the dead skin removed, problem specific medication can then be driven deep into the skin, using ultrasonic energy, to correct acne, age spots, skin dicoloration, fine lines and wrinkles, and dry skin.

There are many benefits of a Ultrasonic Peel. Without the layers of dull dead skin, the fresh moist skin that is now revealed reflects light better, giving you that youthful glow, even without makeup. If make up is used, it now applies flawlessly on the fresh skin. Since there is no abrasion of the skin, as with microdermabrasion or Diamond peel, there is no redness, no irritation of sensitive skin, and no downtime. Since makeup can be safely applied immidiately, many people have Sonic Peel done before special events or dates. Not only does it address various skin conditions such as age spot discoloration, wrinkles, and sun damage, since it can be customized for treatment of your specific condition or concerns, there is also little to no down time.

A good candidate for the Sonic peel is anyone with:

  • Dry Skin
  • Fine Lines
  • Dark Spots
  • Dull Skin
  • Acne

If you who would like to have a healthy glow and brighten your complexion with very minimal downtime, the Sonic peel is a great option. Individuals with fine to moderate wrinkles, age spots, pigmentation problems or sun-damaged skin will see added benefits from three or more peels over a designated period of time.

The entire treatment last only about 40 to 60 minutes, and most of our clients only feel a mild tingling or warming sensation for a few minutes while the solution is applied. Once the peel is completed, you should no longer feel this sensation.

After the treatment, there is no redness, no irritation, and no downtime. It is great before special events, since make-up can be applied flawlessly immediately after!

Most people see a noticeable improvement in their skin after just one peel. However, a series of 6 treatments performed at 4-week intervals provides the most dramatic improvement in skin health, texture and color uniformity. Thereafter, maintenance Sonic Peels can be done every other month or quarterly.


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