Medical Weight Loss

Prescription Weight Loss

Are traditional weight loss methods not working for you? A prescription weight loss plan may be just what you need.

At the office of Dr. Rodriguez, we offer a 90-Day Fastin or Adipex (both a form of phentermine) prescription plan that combines these prescription appetite suppression medications with a 1500-calorie-a-day fat burning diet that can help you lose up to 30 pounds and keep them off.

hCG Dieting

Are you like the thousands of other Americans who want or need to lose a significant amount of weight really fast, but can’t seem to get to where you want to be, even with diet and exercise?  Well, the HCG Diet may be just what you need.

Medical SlimShot

Are diet and exercise making you feel sluggish? Or do you find it hard to get the energy to work out? If so, Dr. Rodriguez’s Medical SlimShot may be just what you need.

Dr. Rodriguez created the Medical SlimShot to give you an energy boost and help motivate workouts and activities. The Medical SlimShot is a great aid and tool towards reaching your weight loss goals. It has different components that help your body function better. It helps your nerves work better, sending the right impulses to your muscles and even helps you with thinking and concentration.

Foundation (Hoodia & MSS)

Do you need help getting started with a weight loss plan, but don’t want to spend a lot of time and money getting help? Dr. Rodriguez’ foundation medical weight loss plan may be right for you!

Our foundation plan is for those who just want a little extra help learning how to read food labels, set a good diet and maintain a workout regimen. Dr. Rodriguez can also help you determine how to use fat-burning supplements, like hoodia, safely and effectively. Plus, we include a free body composition analysis and weekly medical SlimShots that provide all of the benefits of B12 shots, and the added benefits of thermogenic (fat-burning) ingredients.

Hormone Balanced Plan

Did you know that your hormones affect everything from your ability to eat, your ability to sleep and the way that body fat is distributed in your body? Abnormal or out of whack hormones can affect your libido, your ability to concentrate and can also cause depression.

Most patients that come to our office and are looking to lose weight or improve their body image have hormonal issues that can be addressed and corrected with the balanced hormone plan. This may include estrogen balancing and modifying or adjusting your thyroid hormone. It may also include adjusting testosterone and progesterone levels.

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