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Breast-like enlargement of male chest tissue is a very common, often embarrassing condition that affects 40 to 60 percent of men of all ages, in one or both breasts. Gynecomastia can now be corrected in less than one hour with no noticeable scars, virtually no downtime and almost no pain. If you are a healthy, emotionally stable man with realistic expectations, you can look forward to excellent results and a renewed sense of self-confidence.

The older traditional treatment for gynecomastia (“moobs”) involved an unsightly painful incision along the lower edge of the nipple and areola (darker skin) to excise the protuberant glandular, fibrous, and fatty tissue from the under the skin. Since the nerves and blood supply to the nipple were cut, there was often loss of nipple sensation and occasional sloughing off of the nipple and the surrounding skin.

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Advanced body sculpting technology referred to as Vaser LipoSelection allows us to selectively remove the fatty tissue that is the major culprit in protruding “man boobs”, while preserving the nerves and tiny blood vessels that go to the nipple. The procedure is done through two tiny incisions in the skin that are hidden in skin folds. The entire procedure is done with no dangerous general anesthesia. In fact, we walk you to your car 20 minutes after the Vaser LipoSelection procedure.

Most patients require no narcotic pain medication afterwards and you can physically return to work the very next day. You will have to wear an elastic pressure vest for one to two weeks, under your clothes to help the skin heal as flat and smooth as possible. Most men resume normal exercise activity after one week.

Gynecomastia may be caused by abnormal liver function, excessive alcohol use, marijuana use, use of anabolic steroids, and use of medications that contain estrogen-like substances. Obesity, which may also contribute to higher estrogen levels in men, must also be addressed. These possible causes must be ruled out before your procedure with a thorough review of your medical history with Dr. Rodriguez.

Therefore, the only way to absolutely determine if you are a good candidate for gynecomastia Vaser LipoSelection is to have a personal consultation with physical examination by a cosmetic surgeon with expertise in sculpting the male chest. Only then can an assessment be made of the density, composition, and distribution of the subcutaneous breast-like tissue. Your surgeon can give you a realistic idea of how flat your chest will be and how soon you could expect to see completion of the post-operative healing process.

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