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Do you need help getting started with a weight loss plan, but Do Not want to spend a lot of time and money getting help? Dr. Rodriguez’ foundation medical weight loss plan may be right for you!

Our foundation plan is for those who just want a little extra help learning how to read food labels, set a good diet and maintain a workout regimen. Dr. Rodriguez can also help you determine how to use fat-burning supplements, like hoodia, safely and effectively. Plus, we include a free body composition analysis and weekly medical SlimShots that provide all of the benefits of B12 shots, and the added benefits of thermogenic (fat-burning) ingredients.

As a medical doctor (M.D.), Dr. Rodriguez uses proven Cognitive Behavioral Approaches as the basis for the Foundation Plan. We simply call it Positive Lifestyle Modification. Most effective support programs use some form of cognitive-behavioral methods to change the daily patterns associated with unfavorable eating. They are very useful for preventing relapse after initial weight loss. The following is a typical approach:

  • The patient first records in a diary all activity related to eating patterns, including the times of day, length of meal, emotional states, situation and companions, and, of course, the kind and amounts of food eaten. Most people — even professional dieticians, according to one study — tend to underreport their daily calorie intake. However, writing it down is still a good method for increasing a person’s awareness of eating patterns. (One patient said that recording circumstances surrounding relapses was a particularly valuable guide for understanding the stresses leading to her own eating behaviors.)
  • The patient reviews the diary with a member of the team to set realistic goals and identify patterns that the patient can change. For instance, if food is normally eaten while watching television, then the patient may be advised to eat in another room instead. Good eating habits are reinforced by rewards. These rewards are other pleasures that substitute the high calorie consumption and sedentary activities.
  • Behavioral modification has been shown to be helpful particularly for people who have an overly strong response to the taste, smell, and appearance of food. It also may be useful for binge eaters.

Stress-Reduction Techniques. Stress reduction and relaxation techniques may also be helpful for some people with obesity, such as those whose weight is related to night-eating syndrome.

The staff of expert medical weight loss physicians and health experts at Rodriguez Rejuvenation customizes plans and supports you for four weeks. During an initial consultation, the doctor reviews your medical history and answers questions about the program. An electrical impedance body-fat analysis is included during the initial visit and with each weekly visit thereafter to monitor your progress. This assists the doctor in recommending one of several approaches that focus on loosing fat at your desired pace. A weight loss supplements starter pack is included to help spur you towards success.

Weekly one-on-one meetings support healthy habits. Each weekly visit includes the body fat composition analysis and weekly Medical SlimJection B12 that provide all of the benefits of B12 shots, plus the added benefits of thermogenic (fat-burning) ingredients. Foundation Plan coaches you on how to read food labels confidently and how to use fat-burning supplements effectively. The program concludes with another face-to-face meeting with the doctor to discuss progress, the setting of future goals, and most importantly how to keep the weight off!

Special Components of Foundation Plan

  • Calorie Cleanse (detoxifying fiber)
  • Acai Slim (also contains potent Green Tea antioxidant)
  • Hoodia (effective, safe herbal appetite suppressant)
  • Medical SlimShot B-12 (thermogenic energy booster with no caffeine)
  • B-12 (“clean energy” booster)

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