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Sagging breasts (or saggy boobs) can result from normal loss of elasticity and tone that occurs with aging or with breast enlargement followed by deflation which occurs with pregnancy, or even with extreme rapid weight loss after weight loss (bariatric) surgery.

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Fortunately, the body has the remarkable ability to repair itself at any age, even though it happens faster when young. An incision or cut in a 99-year old will still heal. We have known that controlled thermal (heat) injury can stimulate collagen remodeling and collagen tightening in tissues. Injectable radiofrequency (ThermiRF) can be used not only to tighten saggy jowls or wrinkled knees, but radiofrequency heat can be used to stimulate tightening in breast tissue and breast skin.

Under local anesthesia, Dr. Rodriguez inserts a blunt (round tipped) needle under the breast skin to stimulate tightening of the supporting tissues of the breast (Cooper’s suspensory ligament) and tighten breast skin. The results are not as dramatic as with a surgical breast lift or reduction mammoplasty, but the ThermiTight Breast Lift leaves no visible scars and has no downtime.

Since traditional surgical breast lift involves cutting completely around the nipple and areola (darker skin around the nipple) and cutting and splicing the skin below the nipple area, the patient is left with an anchor-shaped scar on the bottom half of the breast as well as a scar around the nipple area. ThermiTight Breast Lift is ideal for women who do not want the downtime or scars of traditional surgery, women who are prone to keloid formation with surgery, and women with realistic expectations of modest noticeable improvement that improves appearance and self-confidence without going under the knife.

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