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Saggy neck skin is a sign of aging that is impossible to hide. Many people and celebrities only allow photographs with certain poses to hide the neck. Dr. Rodriguez uses ThermiRF technology (live internal link) to tighten neck skin with no incisions or scars. The 55-minute procedure is safely performed under local anesthesia, avoiding the risks, costs, and consequences of general anesthesia.

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A thin blunt (rounded tipped) needle is inserted under the sagging skin to heat the connective tissue that attaches skin to the underlying muscles. The controlled radiofrequency heat (about 55-60 degrees Celcius) causes this connective tissue to contract, pulling in the skin closer. The heat radiates outward toward the surface to simultaneously heat the overlying skin to 44-47 degrees Celcius. Since Dr. Rodriguez performs the procedure, he can safely heat the skin higher than the 42-43 degrees Celcius range, which is the minimum needed to stimulate skin collagen remodeling or collagen tightening.

The intense controlled thermal (heat) stimulation starts the ball rolling for the body to produce healthier, tighter collagen in the treated area over several months that follow. An elastic neck wrap is recommended to support the area for 2-3 weeks. Most patients will get external ThermiSmooth or Thermi250 booster heat treatments to enhance results or for maintenance.

Read the testimonial that was volunteered by one of Dr. Rodriguez’ patients, describing her experience in detail.

Testimonials for Thermitight

Here are some testimonials from people who have gone through the ThermiVa procedure.

thermitight neck thermitight neck
thermitight neck thermitight neck
thermitight neck

I had a previous review on this procedure but I deleted it. I thought i would do a review now that I am a year out from the procedure.

The consultation with Dr. Rodriguez was great. He’s very informative and he takes his time with the consultation…. I did not feel rushed or feel like he had something else going on. He put his full attention on the consultation. I also like him because he has experience with the procedure which is actually hard to find because it is so new. A lot of surgeons will have their PA do the procedure so be sure to ask if you go with another doc.

The day of “surgery” you take 2 pills to relax you and off you go. I don’t remember much other than Dr. Rodriguez telling me that he was going to turn my head one way or the other…. no pain, no heat.

You WILL need someone to drive you home. I did not want anyone to know i was doing this so I used a woman who actually cares for out of town patients in Houston or someone who just needs a ride because they want to keep it private… like me. If you need her number you can message me.

Recovery was easy. No pain, I had prescription Tylenol but did not need it. You have to wear the wrap for awhile but i wore mine well after. I wore it to bed long after i had to and around the house when i was alone.

Results.— It was pretty immediate but only in some areas. It is supposed to take 3 months to see the final results. I feel the procedure really works and it has definitely made my jawline much more defined. The only area i think it did not help is MY right side under my chin but I also tend to sleep with my hand under my chin so it may be the reason it was hard to fix. All in all, I would def do it again.


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