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Vaser Lipo in Houston

Vaser Lipo is another minimally invasive technique that is becoming increasing popular as a traditional liposuction alternative. Rather than laser technology as utilized by SmartLipo, Vaser Lipo uses innovative ultrasound technology. Ultrasonic waves are released through a thin probe underneath the skin where they zero in on fat cells and emulsify them (melt fat).

And since the ultrasound is tissue selective, only fat tissue is targeted. Connective tissue, veins, and nerves are unaffected. That means Vaser Lipo results in very little pain or bruising, and a speedy recovery period.

With Vaser Lipo, new body contours are smooth and even. Though best suited for larger deposits of fat, this ultrasound technology is so focused and precise, more delicate areas such as the knees, face, neck, and chin can be easily shaped and sculpted. Imagine how thrilling it would be to finally tighten and redefine “hound dog” jowls or a “turkey neck” double chin!

As with SmartLipo, a compression garment is necessary after treatment with Vaser Lipo. The amount of time varies with the areas treated and the amount of fat removed, but two to six weeks is typical.

Learn More About Vaser Lipo

If you’d love to lose inches off your thighs, showcase a flat tummy, and feel your confidence level soar, VASER Lipo can help you achieve all of that and more.

Like many people in the Houston area, you may be battling stubborn fat areas that, despite faithful diet and exercise, simply refuse to budge. And like many Houston men and women you may feel incredibly frustrated right now.

That’s why Lipo Body Sculpture of Houston is proud to offer you this breakthrough new procedure – VASER Lipo.

What is VASER Lipo? VASER Liposuction is a powerful yet surprisingly gentle liposuction procedure that efficiently and effectively removes unsightly, undesirable fat from practically any part of your body. The secret lies in the combination of revolutionary, patented technology with highly advanced surgical techniques.

And the result? A new body that is smooth and shapely with no embarrassing problem spots to struggle with.

VASER Liposuction successfully removes stubborn fat from the neck and facial area, arms, legs, and thighs, the torso area, the buttocks…just about anywhere with too much extra padding. Imagine how your life would change when you see yourself in a positive, brand new light. It could make all the difference in the world in how you feel about yourself.

You may be wondering what exactly is so special about the Wide-Awake VASER Liposuction procedure. Here’s the answer in a nutshell…

The VASER Lipo Difference How does VASER Lipo differ from other liposuction procedures offered in the Houston area and even worldwide? The VASER system’s innovative ultrasound technology is the key. Ultrasound technology has been around for years but now for the first time, the strategic and precise dynamism of ultrasound can be used to actually demolish unwanted fat pockets without the pain associated with invasive techniques.

How does VASER Lipo work? VASER Lipo works by utilizing ultrasonic energy to zero in on targeted fat and then precisely and promptly emulsify it. Though it may sound a bit complex and intimidating, it’s actually quite simple.

During your VASER Lipo procedure, your Houston VASER Lipo surgeon, Dr. Rodriguez, will make a small incision and place a thin probe inside that releases ultrasonic waves. The emulsified tissue is then aspirated from the body through suction and massage. Since ultrasound is tissue selective, the tissue surrounding the fat – such as veins, nerves, and connective tissue – is largely unaffected. That is why this novel fat removal technology is often referred to as VASER Liposelection.

As a matter of fact, VASER Lipo technology is so sensitive and precise, Houston VASER doctors can perform VASER Lipo on delicate areas that are off limits to tradition liposuction methods. Even sensitive areas such as the chins, knees, and around the navel can be reshaped with VASER technology… even if you have had traditional tumescent liposuction before!

What to expect after VASER Lipo During the initial recovery phase, you may possibly feel a little discomfort once the anesthetic agent wears off. You and your Houston doctor will discuss the possibility of pain medications.

Fluid drainage is normal during this phase, as well.

For 7 to 10 days after the VASER Lipo procedure, wearing a compression garment is crucial for maximum results. The exact length of time depends on the areas treated, how much fat was removed, and whether you had previous lipo. You’ll want to make absolutely sure you follow your Houston doctor’s instructions in this regard. It’s critical to do so. Not only will compression garments make you more comfortable and provide necessary support, but they help your skin adapt and settle into your new shapely contours.

Is VASER Lipo the right choice for you? You and your Houston physician are best suited to make that decision, but here are a few things for you to consider:

Because tissue trauma is minimized and nerves and blood vessels are largely unaffected, VASER Lipo allows for very little pain or bruising and very rapid recovery time.

Targeted contact with fat cells made possible through VASER Lipo technology delivers smooth, predictable, and reliable results. You can count on new body contours that are even and shapely.

If you are healthy and seeking a relatively low-pain solution to a finely sculpted and toned body, one that is forever free of the trouble areas you’re dealing with now, then VASER Lipo may be your answer.

The best way to find out for sure is to contact Dr Raul Rodriguez in the Houston area and schedule a consultation.

Together, you can discuss your body shaping goals and the doctor can help guide you towards a decision that is right for you.

Simply fill out the quick and easy inquiry form to the right of this page requesting more information about VASER Lipo in Houston and what this procedure can do for you. Your questions and concerns about VASER Lipo will be addressed promptly and thoroughly. We at Lipo Body Sculpture of Houston look forward to hearing from you.

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