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Do you have unwanted areas of fat that just don’t seem to go away, but don’t want to go under the knife? Despite a healthy diet and regular exercise many people suffer from areas of fat and cellulite that are stubborn to remove. Slimjection™ mesotherapy might be the answer you’ve been looking for!

Slimjection™ mesotherapy is a revolutionary technique, which involves injecting small amounts of sterile fat-burning medicine and other medications directly into unwanted fat pockets. Combined with the application of fat-burning hormones, Slimjection™ mesotherapy gradually shrinks fatty deposits without surgery.

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Dr. Rodriguez’ Slimjection™ mesotherapy is distinctly different and more powerful than the common Lipodissolve “fat melting” injections. The Lipodissolve treatment utilizes a safe soy based compound, phosphatidylcholine, combined with deoxycholic acid (the medication in the recently FDA-approved Kybella product), that when injected directly into the area of concern, breaks apart the cell membrane of the fat molecules, causing release of the contained fat, which is naturally eliminated via the lymphatics. This compound has the same molecular structure as the phosphatidylcholine in gallbladder bile acids found in the human body, and its main function is to break down fat and cholesterol. The extract has also been shown to assist in the increase of metabolism and liver function.

Dr. Rodriguez’ Slimjection™ mesotherapy contains additional beneficial active ingredients in the solution, above and beyond those in Lipodissolve, which may include various medications that break down the fat cells faster and prescription medication ingredients that act on the alpha and beta receptors on the walls of the fat cells, preventing fat cells from storing more fat and stimulating a more rapid release of the fat that is already stored.  Dr. Rodriguez’ Slimjection™ mesotherapy also contains medication to enhance the removal of the leaked out, “melted” fat from the injected area.

Slimjection™ mesotherapy is ideally suited for smaller fat pockets in individuals who are at their desired weight. It works best with lifestyles changes to prevent accumulation of excess calories that the body stores as fat.

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