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Are you like the thousands of other Americans who want or need to lose a significant amount of weight really fast, but can’t seem to get to where you want to be, even with diet and exercise? Well, the HCG Diet may be just what you need.

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. This is normally a hormone created by the placenta of the fetus in a pregnant woman to help her pull calories out of her fat stores to be used as fuel for the developing baby. However, you do not have to be pregnant to get the benefits of HCG. Furthermore, you don’t even have to be a woman; HCG works equally well in men!

When combined with a rigid 500-calorie diet and a good program of daily moderate exercise, you can lose weight much faster with HCG. The hormone works in many ways to increase metabolism, direct metabolism at fat deposits, suppress appetite and increase energy. Most importantly, your metabolism stays high even when you get off of the HCG.

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HCG changes the way your body metabolizes your food. When your body senses the HCG, it thinks that it’s “pregnant.” If you only eat 500 calories a day, your body will pull the calories your body needs from your fat cells, bringing them into your blood so you can “feed the baby” when you are not eating enough. But there’s no baby, so you get to use those calories and thus you feel fine, have energy, and you do not feel like you are starving.

If you are interested in the HCG Diet plan, you should see a physician who is knowledgeable about HCG, who can follow and monitor you regularly, who can write a prescription for HCG, and who follows an HCG Diet program protocol that really works. There are many changes that occur within your body when you eat only 500 calories a day for several weeks. You need to know the correct types of foods that you can eat to prevent muscle wasting and the correct way to do the program. Proper monitoring to prevent potential problems associated with such a low calorie diet is essential for ensuring your safety. Therefore, beware of unmonitored programs being sold and promoted on the internet that use non-prescription products from questionable, non- FDA approved sources. Your metabolism could slow down dramatically, causing you to get even bigger when you resume eating normal food again.

Most people can lose around 20 pounds on a course of the HCG Diet program, although some larger, highly motivated patients may lose a pound a day. Most programs show success, but the best ones show not only short term weight loss, but also incorporate lifestyle changes for long term weight maintenance.

Before you start your HCG program, Dr. Rodriguez wants to make sure that you are in good health to do the diet. Some patients with debilitating diseases such as uncontrolled diabetes or advanced heart disease should probably not do the program. Dr. Rodriguez needs to evaluate your blood tests for potential problems and do a heart evaluation, including an EKG (electrocardiogram). High protein diets have been associated with electrolyte disturbances; therefore, comprehensive blood tests should be performed to catch problems before starting. Very low calorie diets have been associated with vitamin deficiencies, therefore a weekly SlimJection B-12 shot and a good daily multivitamin are recommended to support good nutrition. Support for doing the diet is important, and people always have questions during the diet. Thus, regular visits are a must for helping you get the most out of the program.

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