Peak Performance

Nutrition Therapy

Do you feel that you aren’t getting the required nutrients your body needs to be at its peak performance or do you want to help improve healing time after a cosmetic surgery? Intravenous, or IV, nutritional therapy can help! It is a great way to get nutrients and therapeutic agents directly into the bloodstream.

Peak Performance Medicine

Have you reached a plateau with your weight loss or fitness goals? You may be interested in peak performance medicine to boost your fitness regimen.

Peak performance medicine combines a variety of medical solutions to help get you over the “hump.”

Hormone Replacement

So many people are obese or overweight simply because their hormones are not where they need to be. Your hormones can affect the way you store and metabolize fat. They can also affect your skin, how healthy you look and how young you look. Abnormal hormones in certain cases can put you at risk for heart disease and also affect your sexual health.

Detox  Program

We are living within a world with increasing toxins and carcinogens. Environmental factors are one of the major causes attributed to 80 – 90 percent of all cancers. Only a small handful of cases are actually genetically inherited.

It is important to initiate detox programs in a systematic way as well as taking it without the “quick-fix” mentality. Choosing to undergo a three day fast or a two-day detox diet is not going to help enhance your body’s natural detoxification process. It is definitely not going to remove the toxins that you have accumulated over the years within such short period.

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