Skin Tightening Treatments and Why They Work

Skin tightening is possible using modern technology and innovative treatment. Long gone are the days where a person with sagging and loose skin simply has to live with it and feel old in the process. Now, it is possible for patients of any age to love their skin and appearance. We make this possible on a daily basis and invite anyone who does not like their appearance to schedule an appointment with our office and find out how effective this procedure is.

Available nonsurgical skin tightening treatments

In the past, anyone who had loose skin around their face or neck would have to undergo surgery. Things like a face and neck lift used to be very popular. For some people, these options are still the best choice and they do produce amazing results.

However, technology has improved to the point where it is possible to experience the tightening of skin without undergoing surgery. Things like laser therapy can be used, for example. Also, new treatments like cool sculpting are gaining in popularity.

How they work

There are a lot of different treatment options available each one operating under a different but similar scientific principle. Skin initially begins to sag or become loose because of a loss of elastin and collagen. The skin on the surface can lose its elasticity, wrinkle and naturally begin to sag. Nonsurgical procedures can help improve the appearance of skin by either generating elastin and collagen to help naturally tighten the skin or by exposing the fresh skin that is underneath.

For example, LED light can stimulate the production of elastin and collagen without ever causing any irritation to the skin on the surface. This will cause the skin to become tight and firm. On the other hand, laser therapies can work by helping to remove the dead skin on the surface so people see naturally-firm skin. Lasers can also stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, making this an effective treatment.

It is important to remember that modern skin tightening treatment focuses on taking steps necessary to help the body help itself. Instead of applying a topical cream or solution, these treatments help the body to generate what is necessary to create firm and tight skin. In that way, they are very natural and something that everyone should consider trying.

Minimally invasive procedures versus surgery

Ultimately, it is up to the patient whether they want to try some of these new minimally invasive procedures or start with surgery. We recommend starting with something that is minimally invasive because:

  • There is little to no recovery time
  • The procedures are more affordable
  • There are no risks that are associated with surgery
  • They work incredibly well and there may be no need for surgery

That is not to say that surgery is not sometimes necessary. In certain cases, this is still the best way to produce fast and lasting results. Still, trying a minimally invasive procedure first can save patients a lot of time and money if it is sufficient to solve the problem.

Who visits us for skin tightening treatments?

Patients regularly ask us for this type of treatment. There is a common misconception that only elderly people and retirees are in need of tightening their skin. In truth, it is very common for people in their 30s to begin noticing that their skin is not as tight and firm as it once was. With that in mind, we help adults of all ages to love the appearance of their skin regardless of whether they need a little bit of help or a lot of it.

Discover how we can help you

We invite you to visit our office today to learn more about the various treatments we offer and how we can be of assistance to you.

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